Real Estate in Cullera and surroundings

Property Buying/selling & renting.

We study and check the real estate market to help you find what you need.


Supervision & negotiation of real estate contracts and transactions


  • Property adquisition
  • Paperwork & contract elaboration
  • Deed paperwork preparation.
  • Assistance in public notary meetings.
  • Taxes counseling and mediation.
  • Property registration.


  • Mediation between tenant and landlord.
  • Paperwork & contract elaboration
  • Solvency check: professional & personal background checks of possible tenants.
  • Change of ownership of property supplies: electricity, water, gas...
  • Counseling during contract period.

Energy certificates

Required by law for any property transaction.

Processing, renewal or updating the efficiency certificate that holds information about energy characteristics of the property, currently required in property sales.


We offer you professional assistance with the valuation of your property so it adjusts to the real market values.

  • Building façades: renovation and restoging. More than 20 years of experience in this sector back us.
  • Renovations: get a competitive estimation for your renovations.
  • Interior painting: professional estimations.
  • Cleanings: for interior, common areas, events ...
  • Floor polising: ask for an estimation for your property
  • Property emptying
  • Plumbing and electricity services: professional and qualified services

Our professional stuff will make sure your property is in perfect conditions.


Let us help you choosing the best offers with distinct types of insurances.


We elaborate and provide viability reports for distint tyes of lending: thanks to this service you can get access to lending with good terms & conditions.


Among our properties you'll find interesting investment opportunities.

You can consult with us to find those who adjust better with your profile.

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