Cullera beaches

Below we review the list of beaches in Cullera, of which most have been awarded year after year with blue flags, which determine the quality of the beaches and waters.


Playas de Cullera arena fina calma


San Antonio

Perhaps the best known and the most urban, the beach of San Antonio is the closest to the town. It has a large expanse of sand and enough space to accommodate many bathers, in addition to having extra services.


Escollera Beach

Adjacent to the beach of San Antonio and the rock wall of the mouth of the Jucar river, on the left bank, a more natural and wild beach, which also has dunes that separate the beach from the lands that are located below and that currently they serve as the venue for some activities that have special permits.

This beach also has fine sand and a large area ideal for bathers looking for less crowded beaches.


Racó beach

Bordering the San Antonio beach heading north, towards the lighthouse. Urban and tourist beach and main view of many urbanizations and buildings that were built during the tourist boom. It is several kilometers long and together with the breakwater, cap blanc, the olive trees and that of San Antonio, it forms most of the silhouette of the Bay of Cullera.


It also has services such as renting hammocks and umbrellas and attractions for leisure.


Playa San Antonio and Racó on a clear day


Cap Blanc beach

Continuing from the racó beach and heading north, the next beach is Cap Blanc, located between breakwaters, in front of the exclusive Cap Blanc urbanization.

On this beach is the base of one of the windsurfing clubs, making this beach the starting point for getaways.

Playa Cap Blanc Cullera en un día de tormenta
Cap Blanc Cullera beach from the urbanization on a stormy day


Los Olivos beach

Before arriving in the area, and bordering the island of thoughts, we find the beach of Los Olivos, the one that begins the famous Bay of Cullera. Calm and warm waters, ideal for sports such as paddle surfing.


Faro beach

In a cove located between rocky outcrops we find the lighthouse beach, small, shaped like a shell and with a special charm. This small beach is ideal for the little ones in the family, with little surface area and calm and shallow waters.


Dosel beach

A more natural and wild beach, in a more rural area and within the Albufera park. This beach extends from the lighthouse, starting in the rocky area and until it limits with the beaches of the town of Sueca.


Beach preferred by the tranquility to be less traveled and also by lovers of surfing and kitesurfing, being more open and having more pronounced gusts of wind than the beaches that make up the Bay of Cullera.


Route of the beaches from Dosel to Cap Blanc



Marenyet beach

On the other side of the mouth of the Jucar we find the Marenyet beach, a less crowded and touristy and more familiar beach in one of the most privileged areas of Cullera where townhouses and detached houses are concentrated.


It is also a favorite beach for surfers as it has stronger gusts of winds than other beaches in Cullera.


Estany beach

The lake is a lagoon connected to the sea in which the water from the rice fields is concentrated, creating a beautiful environment and a unique natural setting in the area.


The beach is surrounded by rock dikes and from them you can see both the city, the bay and the open sea.

Playa del estany Cullera en dia nublado
Estany Cullera beach on a cloudy day and views towards Tavernes


Playa estany vistas a Cullera

Estany beach with views of Cullera


Brosquil Beach, Silencio and Dorado

The southernmost beach in Cullera, bordering the town of Tavernes. It is a less crowded and quieter beach, in which we also find a beach that we can enjoy with our pets as access is allowed.


El brosquil is a rustic area and in it, in addition to the fields and crops, there are terraced houses, chalets and country houses, having access to said beach in a matter of minutes.



Scenery of the Estany, Brosquil and Marenyet beaches

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