Cullera's Lighthouse - El faro

The Cullera Lighthouse Practically a district, the Cullera Lighthouse is one of the quietest and most summery areas of the city, surrounded by sea and mountains. Its name derives from the construction of the lighthouse that has been warning sailors for years of the rocky outcropping of the mountain towards the coast. Today the lighthouse is an emblem of this part of the list, operating night after night and fulfilling its mission. In the area we find from the first traditional ... Read more

Watersports in Cullera

Maritime sports Cullera   Guaranteed fun   Much of Cullera's attraction is its coastline: the beach and the Mediterranean Sea, a calm sea that allows the practice of many maritime and aquatic sports , which attracts Diverse public in search of both excitement and relaxation. On the beaches of Cullera you can practice a variety of water sports throughout the year, practically any day, even in winter as long as you have the necessary equipment. In addition, there are various ... Read more

Pirate's museum “COVA DEL DRAGUT” – CULLERA

Pirate's museum “COVA DEL DRAGUT” – CULLERA     Legend has it that in the 16th century, a terrible pirate named Dragut or Darghouth of Turkish origin, sailed the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and had his home in Cullera, that beautiful town surrounded by sea, sun, river and mountains.   Dragut was one of the most feared pirates at that time, after the Pirate Barbarossa; the protector of him.   When Barbarossa died, Dragut inherited his fleet of ships ... Read more

Cullera beaches

Cullera beaches Below we review the list of beaches in Cullera, of which most have been awarded year after year with blue flags, which determine the quality of the beaches and waters.     San Antonio Perhaps the best known and the most urban, the beach of San Antonio is the closest to the town. It has a large expanse of sand and enough space to accommodate many bathers, in addition to having extra services.   Escollera Beach Adjacent to the beach of San Antonio and the rock ... Read more

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